What is the purpose of Pink Hijab Day?

The purpose of Pink Hijab Day is threefold:

  1. Hijab – To encourage those who are curious about Muslim women and about hijab to ask Muslim women about what their hijab means
  2. Society – To encourage Muslim women to participate in various community improvement projects because we are a valuable part of the fabric of the societies we live in. One of these projects is the effort to find a cure for breast cancer
  3. Health – To raise funds for cancer research, and to encourage all people to maintain their health by getting regular screenings and to increase knowledge about preventative methods.

The Pink Hijab Day team encourages everyone to renew their intentions before wearing pink on October 26, 2011. Wearing pink is not the most important part of this day–it’s just a very very small part. Be sure to take part by donating to a cancer foundation, helping others understand Muslim women, getting screened, and participating in projects that make your community better. This day isn’t meant to be a fashion statement, but a symbolic pledge to take action.