Take Action

What can you or your organization do on Pink Hijab Day?

1.  Hold a fundraiser (selling ribbons, bake-sale, other event) to raise funds for cancer research

2.  Have an event with a panel of Muslim women to explain the purpose of hijab, and their roles and experiences as Muslim women

3.  Hold a luncheon or other event at your local mosque and contact a hospital or cancer center that can send a representative who can give information about preventative methods and

4.  Contact health professionals who are certified to conduct breast cancer screenings

5.  Participate in your community’s local races with organizations like Susan G. Komen or the American Cancer Society held throughout the year

6.  Ask your local imam to have his khutba about the importance of Muslims participating in community improvement projects that relate to humanity as a whole, rather than just the Muslim population.

7.  Donate on your own to cancer research foundations and cancer hospitals

8.  Write a bit about your experience with hijab and post on a blog or send to your school newspaper


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