Talking Points

Are you giving a talk about Breast Cancer Awareness?  Here are some talking points that you may want to use, or build on:

Importance of being supportive of community members with breast cancer

  • Financial support.  Many Muslims are uninsured.  Financial support should be made
    available in local masjids to help people get adequate healthcare.
  • Emotional support.

Importance of being an involved member of society

  • We need to be an involved member of the broader society, especially in supporting campaigns that have a positive impact on our society (health issues, morality issues, etc.).
  • Stress the importance of looking at one’s body as a trust from Allah (swt).  Taking preventative steps and improving one’s health IS something that Allah (swt) will reward us for, given the right intentions.
  • Breast cancer is one of the most easily treatable cancers if diagnosed early.
    We should do our part to take care of our bodies (i’qil), then leave the rest on Allah SWT (tawakkul).

Overcoming stigmas that make us shy away from discussing breast cancer.

  • Cancer patients should know and feel that their Muslim brothers and sisters are there to support them in their health crisis
  • It is not taboo to have breast cancer
  • Cancer patients should not suffer silently thinking this is more noble.  We
    should not complain or despair in Allah (swt) mercy, but also be aware
    that Allah (swt) encourages brotherhood and sisterhood and the support
  • During the time of the Prophet (pbuh), he used to praise the women of Medina for not shying away from asking questions in order to learn and better themselves. We should not shy away from educating ourselves and those around us.

Know yourself.

    • As Muslims, we must always be in the mindset of seeking knowledge
    • Each person should strive to know the basics of how the body works, organs
      and their functions, and how the foods we eat can adversely affect them

Reliance on Allah (tawakkul)

  • Each of us should know that this life is a test, and that each of us will be tested
  • Think about how you would react given different crisis, and train yourself to always be prepared so when a test comes you are ready

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